Fiona ~ 4lb 10oz ~ 20 inches 

Reborn from the gorgeous Fiona by Eliza Marx

Painted with Ultimate Fusion paints and finished with dewy skin sealer.

 I will be offering these babies at lower prices for a short time,

these are still my usual high standard babies.

The photographs of this little sweetheart don't do her justice, each of my toddlers and babies are created to be the ultimate in realism.

Many hours of love and dedication have gone into making this baby.

She is a true collectors item.

Baby's skin tones have been achieved using Ultimate Fusion paints which will not fade or rub off.

Many micro thin layers are used to build a wonderful textured appearance.

The creases and wrinkles are blushed to perfection.

Baby has veining and capillaries, beneath the skin surface, adding to the true realism of this baby.

There are slight blue undertones where the skin in normally thinner.

Finished with a dewy skin sealer for a lovely healthy glow and textured skin so it is amazing lifelike.

Baby's little fingers and toenails have been lightly shaded, lighted tipped, and sealed with artist varnish.

Baby's lips have been realistically tinted, finished with a satin varnish, they look amazingly real.

Baby has a faux suede body that has non jointed arms and legs.

Filled with the heavy virgin fibre fill for a cuddly feel, and weighted with steel shot encased in a bag of fabric.

Limbs are filled with the finest glass beads and top with fibrefill before before sealed.

Painted hair so it always looks good.

Ultra real skin tones.

Full arms and full legs.


Coming Home

Clothing as pictured


Magnetic dummy

Artful Babies Certificate

Baby care instructions

Baby photographs

Lots of love!