Artful Babies ~ Established 2003




Commissioned by Bobbi Barfoot at Truborns

in March 2020 to reborn

the prototype Dream by the sculptor

Elizabeth Townsley


Commissioned by Bobbi Barfoot at Truborns

in July 2018 to reborn

the prototype Hazel by the sculptor

AK Kitagawa



Membership to the guild is strictly by invitation only. The members of PROUD are chosen for their outstanding work in the field of reborning.When you own a PROUD baby, you can be guaranteed that your baby is of the highest quality


 Safe Sellers Index Member

September 2010

commissioned by the artist & sculptor Daria Fuller-Dinger to reborn the Prototype Baby Boo.



Baby Shelby won Baby of the Month on Tinkerbell Forum in November 2009


Baby Kaydence won Baby of the Month on the Realistic Reborn Dolls Website

November 2009



The two babies below were commissioned by a UK company that sells baby hospital equipment, they will be used to display their products at trade shows worldwide


May 2009

commissioned by RDK, USA to reborn the Prototype Raine by Toby Morgan.This baby is now on display in The Bohemian Doll Museum in the Czech Republic

3rd place at Brighton Joy of Reborn Show April 2009

January 2009

 commissioned by Puppen Traumland, Germany to reborn the Prototype Rita by Rita Rich Arnold